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Like my old favorites, except not as huge and cluttery.
snagged from :iconconformalsquid: coz why not.

• What is the name of your Fursona/Persona?
gensou ichidahis real name is korou (pronounced "koh-roo"), but he's typically referred to as gensou or gen for short. the capitalization is up to you.

• Where did the name of your Fursona/Persona come from?
some time in 2013 when i remade my supposed-to-be-an-art-blog-but-somehow-along-the-way-turned-into-jojo-and-shitposting tumblr blog, one of the titles i had for the blog at some point was "KARRUNA NO KOKOROGENSOU MONOGATARI DENSETSU". this mishmash eventually became the basis for gensou's name, as well as the "kokorogensou" username i use on a lot of sites. "KOKOROGENSOU MONOGATARI" even became the name for my blogspot.

can't friggin remember where the "ichida" part of his name came from tho.

• What species is your fursona/Persona and why did you choose that species?
gensou is a volfenn; basically a race of bipedal fennec foxes native to Animus (Sabre and Krystal's home planet in the cancelled N64 game Dinosaur Planet). volfenn obviously aren't a canon Animus race in the game, but we barely know much about the planet in the leaked stuff on the game, so... fanon expansion time!

honestly, the whole lore-mulling for the volfenn came some time after i decided to make gen a fennec. gen's design is heavily based on how i draw Mao from Disgaea 3: fennec dude with big ears, floofy tail, and even floofier hair. why Mao in particular? well, at the time i made him, i had a sort of personal connection to him on some sort of degree. nowadays i feel i'm more connected with Almaz, but Mao's a pretty important fictional bloke to me as well. gen's colorscheme is more based on True Heart Mao, though.

• What colour is your fursona/Persona and why? Hair/fur/eyes/skin etc.
beige-and-white fur, with white hair and gold eyes. as for his clothes, he has a green undershirt and jacket, as well as white shorts. as i said before, while gen's looks are loosely based on Mao, his colorscheme is more based on True Heart Mao.

• What is your fursona/persona's personality and how does this compare to your RL personality?
i don't really play out gen in roleplays and stuff too much, but the best way i can sum him up is a calm doofus who likes doing his own sorta thing alongside games and such. kinda not all that far from how i am, 'cept i'm not as doofy as gen is. :"D

• What is one item your fursona /personaowns that is significant to you in RL?
gen usually totes around a portable game console with him (usually a DS/3DS or PSP/Vita) when he's away from his ship. i don't own a PSP of my own (yet) but vidya means a lot to me, being a source of creative inspiration and a sort of personal escape to me for who knows how fuckin' long.

• What is one thing you think you would say to your fursona/persona if you could meet?
"yo dude wanna play some ctr"

• What is one thing your fursona/persona would say to you if you could meet?
"yo dude wanna play some ctr"

• How long have you had this fursona/persona?
since... i think the latter quarter of 2013 was when i started transitioning into the alias?

• Would you like to be more like your fursona/persona?
you say that like i'm not him essentially already. :"D well, save for the spaceship.

• Now tag three people:
nah. do if you want, guys.


gensou ichida
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
~heartful fantasy~

hi, i'm gensou. though i also go by gen, almaz, or "that dude who draws disgaea furries" if you wanna call me that. formerly known by the monikers of DraggyTheDragon and KarrunaNiara.

i'm passionate about a lot of things. namely video games and drawing characters from said video games as animals.

i can't draw humans. sorry if that disappoints you.

i also like writing, roleplaying, graphic design, and a handful of other things.

oh yeah and i run a blog about various random crap i like:

long-time researcher and fan of Dinosaur Planet since 2005, and admin of fyeahdinosaurplanet on tumblr.…

art blog:
Skype: please note me if you want it.

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