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DP will never go extinct!
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aristocrat by kokorogensou aristocrat :iconkokorogensou:kokorogensou 9 2 zeke bustup by kokorogensou zeke bustup :iconkokorogensou:kokorogensou 11 0
ginga megami tensei - act1chap2
act 1 chapter 2 - usual daze
    Sun's setting. Diner's closing for the night. Time to get home before Mom gets worried.
    With my notes and tools (and phone, of course) all safe in my backpack, I head out of the restruant. With everyone leaving for the night, there's only a few ships in the parking lot, most notably big guy Ragald's own Vadeswagon. Jeez, no wonder the place still uses gas grills; ship's as old as he looks.
    There's a small section for hoverbike parking. It's a relatively recent addition, considering the diner's age: apparently it got added after the place got more popular among the Thugs-4-Less crew. I've only seen the lizardy guys once since I started hanging at Ragald's; they're surprisingly sweet-toothed and well-behaved for a bunch of thugs.
    Sitting in the hoverbike lot is my trusty hoverscooter. You need a licence to ride a hoverbike, but I can't think of riding something so high-speed. Hoverscooters might be much
:iconkokorogensou:kokorogensou 2 0
floof in flowers by kokorogensou floof in flowers :iconkokorogensou:kokorogensou 4 1
ginga megami tensei - act1chap1
act 1 chapter 1 - proposition
    Four. That's the fourth weird look I've gotten today, and I haven't even been here for an hour.
    I guess I've just been coming here so often that the patrons here have started recognizing me. It's annoying, but I kinda get where they're coming from; I'm probably one out of two or three lombaxes to come by here regularly as of lately. In fact, now that I notice that, I'm starting to recognize a handful of people here I've seen last week.
    Ragald's Fine Dinery is kind of an anomaly of a restruant here in Silver City. It's one of the few diners I know of on the planet that aren't part of any of Megacorp's fast food chains, probably because it's a locally-owned place and one of the oldest buildings on Boldan. It's become a kind of relic in that regard, considering nearly every other building in the city has been reconstructed from the ground up. Even the floor tiling is still retro.
:iconkokorogensou:kokorogensou 2 0
ginga megami tensei - prolouge
ginga megami tensei (galactic goddess reincarnation) - prolouge
    The Lombax. An odd species, but one of the most prolific races in the known universe. Which in itself is an odd thing, all things considered.
    Physiologically speaking, there's nothing terribly noteworthy about them: merely a gaggle of highly-evolved desert rats sporting big ears and fluffy tails. Less intelligent than a cazar, physically weaker than an argorian, and (thankfully) not as ill-tempered as a blarg...
    I can go on about how inferior they are compared to a deal of other species, but one thing I will give them credit for is that the lombax is definitely a gifted species. Not just in areas of weaponry or engineering expertise, either. No, they're more a breed gifted with a penchant for trouble than anything else.
    Why do I say that? Because it's a f*****g miracle as to why they haven't gone completely extinct yet.
:iconkokorogensou:kokorogensou 2 0
zeke redesign sketch by kokorogensou zeke redesign sketch :iconkokorogensou:kokorogensou 4 0 franz concept sketches by kokorogensou franz concept sketches :iconkokorogensou:kokorogensou 4 0 cazar lady colortests by kokorogensou cazar lady colortests :iconkokorogensou:kokorogensou 5 0 oh hey i'm working on a comic by kokorogensou oh hey i'm working on a comic :iconkokorogensou:kokorogensou 4 0 sonata headshot by kokorogensou sonata headshot :iconkokorogensou:kokorogensou 7 0 brigid headshot by kokorogensou brigid headshot :iconkokorogensou:kokorogensou 5 1 halley headshot by kokorogensou halley headshot :iconkokorogensou:kokorogensou 5 0 dumb soul nomad comic by kokorogensou dumb soul nomad comic :iconkokorogensou:kokorogensou 4 0 atropos by kokorogensou atropos :iconkokorogensou:kokorogensou 11 0 zeke sketch by kokorogensou zeke sketch :iconkokorogensou:kokorogensou 4 0

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so uh. remember when i was heavy into a certain cancelled n64 game known as Dinosaur Planet?

jokes on you, i may not have been doing much DP fanart but i am still heavy into this dingass game like you wouldn't believe

i still maintain the FYeahDinosaurPlanet tumblr (got a few admins helping me out tho) over at… .

also started a side project blog related to DP called Story of Sauria: SoS is essentially a project for studies and conceptual drafts for a hypothetical fan-remake of the Dinosaur Planet game.

also of interesting note: remember that hour-long clip of various DP voicework that was in SFA's e3 proto? well, i managed to transcribe all the dialouge from it after four years. download and more stuff concerning is up on FYDP:…

if anyone's interested on DP, might be worth your while to check out these other places (outside of the ones i've already linked of course)……

and uh. if anyone's working on a DP remake in unity or something, hit me up. dunno anything about programming, but i've been researching this game for well over a decade now if it's worth anything. :"D
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gensou ichida
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
~heartful fantasy~

hi, i'm gensou. though i also go by gen, almaz, hitoshura, hito, halley, shura, or "that dude who draws disgaea furries" if you wanna call me that. formerly known by the monikers of DraggyTheDragon and KarrunaNiara.

i'm passionate about a lot of things. namely video games and drawing characters from said video games as animals.

i can't draw humans. sorry if that disappoints you.

i also like writing, roleplaying, graphic design, and a handful of other things.

oh yeah and i run a blog-sorta personal site about various random crap i like:

long-time researcher and fan of Dinosaur Planet since 2005, and admin of fyeahdinosaurplanet on tumblr.…

art blog:
Skype: please note me if you want it.
Discord: same as above.

oh yeah, i have a ko-fi if anyone wants to give me a tip or two. O: any tips are much appreciated, but i appreciate you checking out my stuff just as much!


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